Frequently Asked Questions

Making a new booking:

You may download the Onora app in the App Store, Google Play Store and our website.
Yes funeral service packages and add ons are inclusive of taxes.
Different rates may be due to the different promotions being offered by a property at any given time or because we obtain rates from many different suppliers.
While Onora cannot provide or recommend a specific merchant, we do provide verified reviews from real users as well as complete information regarding facilities, locations, and star ratings. By default, your search results will be sorted based on our recommendations for the best value and most reliable partner merchants.
No. Only packages available in the Onora app can be availed of.
No, this is not possible as Onora is not licensed to deal with pre-need arrangements.
Of course you can. But Onora often offers prices that are 10%-30% lower than many merchants direct booking prices because of our internal trade discount arrangements.
Yes, we offer government mandatory discounts for senior citizens and PWD’s.
Service packages and add ons availability are subject to change at any time. Onora cannot provide you with a quoted rate because of this variation. You can get the most up-to-date rates and availability by going to the Onora app or website and completing your booking information.

Simply download the Onora app via the App Store or the Google Play Store.

The number of chapels available for your booking is displayed on the merchant page after you enter in your booking details
If it shows no availability, that unfortunately means we have no available rooms at your chosen property for those dates. Please choose one of the following options: Go back to your chosen property and change your search criteria OR Search for available properties in your chosen destination.
Our merchant partners have the ability to change rates and promotions at any time. Market conditions, changes in strategy, and availability are just a few reasons why you may experience changes in package rates.
Star ratings are comes from users reviews. Onora does not assign these ratings and accepts no liability for their accuracy.

Payments Concerns:

Receipts are to be given by the merchant where you made your booking for purposes of claims.
You may coordinate with your merchant of choice regarding this arrangement.
Yes. Please be informed that Onora may contact you for security purposes when making a third party booking.
If the chosen service package is available and you’ve submitted your credit card details and agreed to the booking conditions on the booking form, the booking is then confirmed and a booking confirmation will be automatically sent to your e-mail address. This confirmation and QR code is only issued after we have verified and charged your credit card. The QR code must be presented to the merchant to avail of the booked services.
Yes. Onora uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all information.
Yes! Onora offers custoners multiple convenient ways to pay, including PayPal, debit card, bank transfer, online bank transfer, or even local counter payments in some countries. These payment methods are subject to availability and will appear as options on your booking form.
Upon completing booking details and checkout.
No. All booked services will have to be paid online to receive the QR code which will be presented to the merchant of choice.

Check booking status:

A: Digital payments: You will be issued an in-app QR Code upon payment confirmation and checkout.

You can always view your booking details and status online by signing in and selecting “Bookings” from the Onora app. If you don’t know your sign in details, you can follow the “Bookings” link in your confirmation email.

If you do not present the merchant with your QR Code you may experience delays as additional verification for your booking shall be made.

You can access your QR code the Bookings tab via the Onora App.

QR Code and original 4 copies of the death certificate. Senior citizen and PWD ID if applicable.
The QR Code indicates you have a confirmed booking with Onora. It contains all the details of your completed booking. It must be presented to the merchant at the time you avail of your confirmed booking.
If your credit card has become invalid or has been declined, you cannot complete with the booking process. You should opt to use another form of payment acceptable to Onora to complete your booking.

General Information:

You can browse through the different offerings of the different funeral merchants on the Onora app.

Facilities and amenities should be indicated at the funeral merchant page on the Onora app.

For more information about your chosen merchant please check the merchant using the Onora app.

Special requests:

Special requests shall be made to the merchant of choice. However, this may entail additional charges.

Change a booking:

Bookings can be amended directly through the merchant. This may entail additional charges to be paid directly to the merchant.

Technical issues:

If we cannot authorize your credit card then the booking cannot be completed. Please contact your credit card company.

Writing reviews:

In order to ensure that all reviews are legitimate, only customers with a valid completed booking are allowed to submit a merchant review. After completion of service, you should receive an email with a link to a review submission page for that booking. This page is also accessible through your Onora account; the review section has a list of merchants you’ve made bookings with which are available to review.
Onora Verified Reviews have been provided by actual customers, who must book and complete a service at any merchant prior to reviewing it. It’s our way of assuring reliable, authentic, and honest information to help you make better booking choices.
Agoda Verified Reviews are screened by editors before being posted to our website to make sure the content complies with our review guidelines. We work hard to approve reviews and get them onto the site as quickly as possible.

Login concerns:

Your password is case-sensitive. Please make sure that you properly use uppercase and lowercase characters when entering your password. You can set a new password at any time by using the “Forgot Password” button in the Onora app.

If you are still having problems, you can change your password using the “Forgot Password” function in the Onora app.


Yes but it has to be declared in order to enable first responders to prepare for the proper protocols.

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