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Onora is a revolutionary marketplace that gives its users access to a wide network of funeral service providers and suppliers, providing an integrated ecosystem in funeral care. With the Onora app, you can find everything you need for your loved one’s final farewell all on one platform. You can search for caskets, urns, flowers and more from our extensive list of vendors without ever having to leave the app.

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Pay for your funeral services with confidence using one of our fully encrypted payment partners.

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Complete a funeral booking right on your phone with a few taps. Never before has managing a funeral been this easy.

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From choosing the right funeral package to filling out forms, everything’s here to give you a better customer experience.

Everything you need for a funeral, all in one place.

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Book a Funeral in 8 Easy Steps Right on Your Smartphone

Frequently Asked Questions

You may download the Onora app in the App Store, Google Play Store and our website.
Yes funeral service packages and add ons are inclusive of taxes.
Different rates may be due to the different promotions being offered by a property at any given time or because we obtain rates from many different suppliers.
While Onora cannot provide or recommend a specific merchant, we do provide verified reviews from real users as well as complete information regarding facilities, locations, and star ratings. By default, your search results will be sorted based on our recommendations for the best value and most reliable partner merchants.
No. Only packages available in the Onora app can be availed of.
No, this is not possible as Onora is not licensed to deal with pre-need arrangements.
Of course you can. But Onora often offers prices that are 10%-30% lower than many merchants direct booking prices because of our internal trade discount arrangements.
Yes, we offer government mandatory discounts for senior citizens and PWD’s.
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